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The Underground Railroad in Illinois – $18.95

ISBN 0-938990-05-5

Definitive resource on the subject for any age reader. Q & A format.
Extensively illustrated with maps and photographs. Includes "A Walk in Their Shoes" activity that is engaging for all grade-levels.
(Newman Educational Publishing Company)


Running for Our Lives – $9.95

ISBN 0-938990-06-3

A chapter book for 8- to 12-year-old readers. The main characters are a brother and sister who escape with, but are separated from, parents and must travel the Illinois Underground Railroad alone.

Billy the Barber's Mirror: Reflecting on an Untold Lincoln Story – $9.95

ISBN 0-038990-07-5

This book was launched at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library. It is a picture book that includes a skit that kids can act out.

A Man Called Horse COVER.jpg
A Man Named Horse - The Story of the Remarkable Life of Black Seminole Chief, John Horse (Hardback) - $16.95

ISBN 0-8075-0395-9

The little known story of  how one man shaped the story of Black Seminoles more than any other. 
Read the reviews: Kirkus Review , School Library Journal & Hornbook Magazine

An Apple for Harriet Tubman (Hardback and Paperback) - $6.95

ISBN 0-8075-0395-9

The legendary Underground Railroad conductor, Harriet Tubman. It is based on the author's interview with Harriet Tubman's great niece.
(Whitman & Company)  

Fort Mose: And the Story of the Man who Built the First Free Black Settlement in Colonial America (Hardback) - $18.95

ISBN 0-8109-4056-6

Canada is the best known Underground Railroad destination. This book tells the little-known story of sanctuary in Florida.
(Abrams Books)

All titles are also available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and local bookstores!

Coming Soon

The Amazing Adventures of Sea Captain Harry Dean

The first richly illustrated edition of Black Sea captain Harry Dean's autobiography, originally published in 1929 and titled "The Pedro Gorino."

Booklets (Coming Soon)
Make and Keep Family Memories – $5.00

A collaboration between Glennette Tilley Turner and her mother.

Take a Walk in Their Footsteps – $5.00

Interdisciplinary Underground Railroad activities excerpted from The Underground Railroad in Illinois.

Out of Print

The books listed below are currently out of print. Reprints of the starred ones will soon be reissued.

  • Lewis Howard Latimer (Ginn) *

  • The Underground Railroad in DuPage County, Illinois (Newman)

  • Surprise for Mrs. Burns (Albert Whitman)

  • Take a Walk in Their Shoes (Cobblehill) *

  • Follow in Their Footsteps. (Cobblehill) *


NOTE: These last two books are collective biographies which include do-it-yourself skits featuring 24 outstanding African Americans. They will be reissued as individual booklets and available in two sets of twelve.

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